Patrick Hines sucks at Photoshop, so he decided to learn how to use Microsoft Paint to illustrate his book. The crazy part? He spent over 10 years learning how to master the program, and the result of his dedication will blow your mind.

Hines learned how to use the program when he was working as an overnight security guard at a Boston hospice. He patiently honed his craft as an illustrator and is now one of the world’s greatest Microsoft Paint artists.

If you doubt his art was made with a simple program like MS Paint, he suggests you either download his work or zoom in to get a closer look at all the glorious pixels. You can also see his creative process on his Deviantart page.

Hines’ self-published book, titled Camp Redblood and the Essential Revenge, is about a haunted summer camp in the 1980s. It’s an adventure-filled story about goofy counselors and their unruly campers, who are always getting into trouble. Check out some of his illustrations below. You can buy his book here.

All images via Patrick Hines | Imgur

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