Seven-year-old Ryan Hickman from California has shown that it’s never too early start recycling—or saving for college. The young boy became interested in recycling after his dad took him to a local recycling center when he was three years old.

The experience made such a huge impression on him that he decided to start collecting recyclables from his neighborhood the very next day, and thus Ryan’s Recycling Company was born.

Ryan’s Recycling Company

His neighbors, family members, and friends were more than happy to help him with his cause. Since it’s creation four years ago, Ryan’s company has recycled over 200,000 bottles and cans from customers all over the Orange County, earning him thousands of dollars in the process.

Ryan spends a “part of every week” collecting and sorting through plastic, glass, and aluminum cans, which he carries to a nearby recycling center with help from family members. He has recycled 49,000 lbs of trash to date and made over $10,000 for college and $1,624 for charity.

Ryan’s Recycling Company

“He’s very passionate about it, and he likes to get everybody else passionate about it as well. I think he’s rubbed off on all of us now. You find yourself walking past a can on the ground and needing to pick it up instead of walking away and leaving it there,” Ryan’s mom, Andrea, told The Capistrano Dispatch.

If you live in Orange County, you can schedule a pickup or learn more about recycling from Ryan’s website.

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