It is estimated that over 1 million animals die every day in the US as a result of being hit by cars and trucks. The problem is especially pressing for animals living in areas where their habitat is split apart by roadways--an increasing problem as humans wipe out more and more open space. In some cases, roadways separate entire species so they are unable to mate with different gene pools, resulting in birth defects and ultimately extinction.

France took action to save the animals first, building the world's first animal bridges in the 1950s. Many others have followed since. The Netherlands is home to the world’s longest animal bridge--the Natuurbrug Zanderij Crailoo, which is a half-mile long.

Here are some awesome animal bridges around the world! Let these fine examples of eco-friendly engineering inspire you to help the animal bridge movement grow in your hometown.

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1. Turtle Tunnel in Japan

2. Ecoduct of Kikbeek in Belgium

3. Ecoduct in Baniff National Park, Canada

Joel Sartore

4. A grizzly bear emerges from an underpass after crossing the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park

5. Salamander Tunnels in New England

6. Wildlife Overpass in Banff, Alberta

7. This bridge is for monkeys and other animals to cross over the road in Bahia, Brazil

8. Wildlife Crossing In New Jersey

Wikipedia Doug Kerr

9. Crab Bridge On Australia's Christmas Island

Kristy Faulker

10. Ecoduct in Colorado

11. Animal Bridge in Montana


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