Reading is pretty much the best thing ever, but what if I told you there are ways to make reading even more exciting? From a lounge chair that includes the perfect peep hole to place your book, to a floating book caddy that lets you read in the pool, we bet you’re going to NEED more than a couple of the reader-friendly inventions on this list.

1. This bookshelf doubles as a secret door

2. These light up glasses help you read in the dark,

3. Living in cramped quarters? This table set doubles as a library


4. Reading in bed is comfortable for more than 20 minutes thanks to a pillow-wedge

5. Lounge chair with cut outs that'll make relaxing and reading easier

6. This floating caddy lets you read in the water

6. "Thumb Thing" helps you successfully read with just one hand


7. Font too small? This floor-mounted magnifier brings all your books into perspective

8. FREE book hack: Interlock book covers to prevent them from falling over

Reddit via Imgur

9. This personal library kit is everything

10. Hands-free reading, yes please!

Because you know how sore your hands get after holding up a heavy book for hours on end.

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