Keeping our bodies and our minds intact as we age is key to enjoying life well into our later years.

If you have a history of dementia in your family, you are at an even greater risk for developing the condition, but there are several risk factors under your control that can help lessen that risk.

For anyone, with or without a family history of a brain aging disease, the sooner you start being proactive by taking charge of your brain health, including eliminating bad habits and adding good ones, the better your chances for delaying or decreasing the odds of losing brain function.

Just like you need physical activity to keep you fit, the mind needs to stay engaged in order to function properly. Spatial memory loss is considered to be an early sign of dementia, but playing games like hidden puzzles has been found to help improve spatial working memory

According to experts, practicing brain training exercises on a regular basis can even improve your brain's age by up to 20 years. How old does YOUR brain feel?

Take this quiz to find out how fast it's really aging now!

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