The Eastern Japanese town of Kawazu is vibrant with color right now thanks to the blooming of 8,000 beautiful cherry blossoms. The tiny town, located on the outskirts of Tokyo, is best known for its endless rows of beautiful cherry blossom trees. Every February, millions of people travel to the picturesque town in order to see the cherry blossoms explode with color.

These are some of the only cherry blossoms currently in bloom, as most don’t bloom until late March or early April. The trees planted throughout Kawazu are a unique variety that flowers earlier.


These pictures can’t do justice to how incredible it is to see this many cherry blossoms in bloom in person.


Cherry blossoms are an important aspect of Japanese culture. They represent the beautiful yet transient qualities of nature, which parallels the brevity of human life. Cherry blossoms are seen as a representation of karma and destiny, as well as the acceptance of death.

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Perfectly placed floodlights allow people to marvel over the cherry blossoms even after dark.

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Imagine yourself riding on a small locomotive train, passing by fields of pink, the sweet fragrant aroma of cherry blossoms tickling your nose.




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