You've probably thought a lot about what your future might be like.

Most of us have wished for some kind of crystal ball to get a glimpse of our future selves, but of course, that's just a fantasy.

There is something that can provide a clue, however. The color of your future.

Odds are, that's not something you've even thought about, but it can actually provide some interesting insight into what the years ahead might hold for you.

The hues of the color spectrum you're drawn to most today, are believed to be strong indicators of what's to come tomorrow.

There are many ways that colors affect all of us, including our future, as the color of our energy changes with time and is considered a reflection of our personal growth. The color that your future will be vibrating at months or even years from now is said to be rooted in a deeper, unconscious level of all your thoughts, desires, actions, and choices in life.

So what's the color of your future? Take this quiz to find out.

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