A video of a yellow lab swimming and playing with a dolphin off Ireland's Tory Island was captured by a BBC camera crew.

Adam Henson, presenter of the BBC's “Countryfile” said he was shocked when he witnessed the dog named Ben swim out to meet his friend, a dolphin nicknamed Doogie.

The locals told him it's an event that happens nearly every day. this is an almost daily event.

"This is absolutely amazing…swimming around in the water, I have never seen anything like it," Henson remarked.

The footage shows Ben running toward the harbor and then jumping right in to join his pal. They splash around and play together while the dog swims in circles, wagging his tail.

When Doogie the dolphin heads out to sea to follow the local ferry Ben returns ashore.

Locals say that Doogie, a female dolphin, was first spotted in Middletown harbor a little over a decade ago after the dead body of another dolphin appeared onshore. The locals believe that Doogie was grieving for her mate, which is why she started to come into the harbor.

You can watch their interaction in the video below - no matter how bad your day might be, it's sure to make you smile!

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