Fans of thrifting are going to love this new mall in Sweden. It’s the world’s first shopping mall for upcycled and refurbished clothes, furniture, computers, toys, etc. It’s basically thrifter’s paradise!

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, or ReTuna Recycling Galleria, is an environment-friendly shopping mall that peddles reused, refurbished, and upcycled goods.

How does it work? People donate items worthy of reclaiming at the mall’s recycling center and workers sort through the items to find ones that can be fixed up for sale in the mall. After the items are refurbished, they’re assigned to one of the 14 specialty shops in the mall based on their use.

The fact that Sweden is the first country to open a shopping mall for refurbished items shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Swedes are known for their scorn of the throwaway consumer culture that’s destroying the environment and filling up landfills and oceans at unsustainable rates. The Swedish government even offers tax breaks to citizens who opt to fix damaged clothes, appliances, and other household items instead of throwing them out.

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria was the logical next step. It explores a new way for shopping that results in fewer items getting needlessly dumped in landfills. As the mall’s website puts it, “Sustainability is not about holding back and living less—but achieving more with the resources we already have.” Perhaps it'll become the next IKEA and spread all over the world.

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