Humans have kept pet cats at least as far back as 9,500 years ago. Clearly, felines are fundamental to everyday human life. These mischievous odd balls can make you laugh even if you are having a day from hell, and they also know how to turn a great day into a day from hell… and even then, you just want to cuddle the sh!% out of them.

In the US alone, there are 96 million pet cats with 30-37% of all American households owning a cat. All of these cats create some rather hilarious scenarios, and thanks to Twitter we get to see so many of them! No matter how good or bad 2016 was to you, these hilarious cat tweets from the past year are here to make it all better. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

1. Here Kitty Kitty...


2. If You Plant It They Will Come




4. She's Got The Cat Eye Down


5. Female Feline Pop Sensation


6. You Can't Ask This Of Me!


7. Proof Catnip Is A Drug


8. You Think Your Cat Is So Smart... And Then This Happens


9. When Your Cat Listens To Too Much Journey


10. Because Cats Have 9 Social Lives


11. #relationshipgoals


12. DGAF


13. When Your Prom Date Is Fresh To Death


14. Fact Of Life: You Will Always Be Competing With Cats

(If you need more proof, please see last photo)


15. Clearly, He's Voting For Hillary. He Heard The Other Option Was Grabbing Cats All Over The Place






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