A Japanese amusement park had to shut down its ice skating rink this past weekend after it was slammed on social media for freezing 5,000 fish under the ice as an attraction for visitors. The fish were arranged to form the word “hello” and an arrow.

The creators of the ice skating rink in Space World reportedly thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy thousands of small dead fish at a wholesale fish market and bury them under the ice to make it look like they were swimming through the rink. They also added photographs of larger marine creatures next to the frozen fish as part of the display.

Images via DailyMail

Toshimi Takeda, the general manager of Space World, told CNN that he was shocked by the reaction because the rink was very popular when it opened two weeks ago. Takeda said Space World is working to remove the fish and reuse them as fertilizer. The company is also planning to hold a memorial service with a Shinto priest for the fish.

“We deeply apologize to the people who felt uncomfor table over the Aquarium of Ice event. In accordance, we have stopped the event from today,” read Space World’s official statement.

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