In December 2016, the Orlando Sentinel published a story about a “reader” named Chuck Finley who checked out 2,361 books in a short 9-month period from the East Lake County Library in Sorrento, Florida.

On paper, Chuck Finley appears to be the fastest and most dedicated reader of all time. In reality, Chuck Finley is a made-up man created by 2 library employees who said they were only trying to help.

The library’s official policy states that all books not checked out for a couple of years must be removed from shelves. If someone requests the book thereafter, it must be re-bought. The library’s branch supervisor, George Dore, found this policy wasteful and inefficient, and so he came up with an idea to stop the madness.

Dore enlisted help from his assistant Scott Amey, and together they created Chuck Finley—named after a retired major-league baseball player.

Pictured below, the scene of the "crime"


Their plan saved books for future readers and might have helped the library save money down the road. Still, their actions were reprimanded after the real identity of Chuck Finley, the man checking out every book that no one else checked out, was revealed.

Amey was reprimanded but not fired, while Dore, as the supervisor, was recommended for termination.

On the evaluation form recommending Dore’s termination, he penned: “I find this termination to be an overreaction to an action that had only one purpose and that was to save items for potential patron’s use. It also saved county budgeted money by not having to repurchase these… items.”

George Fowler via EarthPrints

What do you think, are these two library criminals or library heroes?

h/t: Orlando Sentinel

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