If you’re a fan of nature channels on YouTube, then you’ve probably seen some episodes of Coyote Peterson’s exploration show, Brave Wilderness. Peterson is an adventurer and animal expert who travels all over the world with a camera crew to find some of nature’s most bizarre creatures.

In this particular episode, Peterson is somewhere along the California coast in search of the largest species of sea slug known to man. It’s called the California black sea hare and it’s at least the size of a house cat.

Don’t worry though, scary as it may look, the slug is perfectly harmless! It’s 100% herbivorous and only eats seaweed. These slimy giant black slugs are called “hares” because of the adorable long ears that grow out of their heads. They’re basically a giant version of the feelers little snails or slugs normally have.

According to Peterson’s guide, the longest slug ever measured was over three feet long. The one Peterson found is a little smaller at about two feet long, but imagine running into that sucker when you’re taking a swim in the ocean!

Watch the video below to see the California black sea hare in action:


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