Rava Ray, aka the “Stingray Queen,” is like a female version of Steve Irwin but for stingrays instead of crocodiles. The Tahitian model is famous for diving naked—yes, we mean naked—with venomous stingrays who she says she holds “dearest to her heart.”

The 27-year-old beauty told Daily Mail that her dangerous infatuation with marine creatures began when got to swim close to a tiger shark. She grew up on a Mo’orea, a small island in South Pacific where she learned to “share the water” with turtles, dolphins, sharks, and whales.

She said she’s never felt anxious about being close to marine wildlife because she doesn’t believe that an animal’s first instinct is to attack a human. However, she has admitted to being bitten by a stingray in the past, but that was a “total accident” and she has never been attacked with a barb.

Rava believes there’s something “timeless” about being naked in the water and often prefers to dive nude to avoid promoting bikini brands.

“Beauty is about being vulnerable.”

She only trusts three photographers to capture the “magic” of her swimming in the nude with marine animals.

She said she often receives negative comments from people who question her safety and even admits that she doesn’t have any safety protocols in place for when the animals get aggressive, but there is a hospital on the island!

Rava's stunning pictures have gotten her over 55,000 followers on Instagram. Follow her to see more amazing underwater pictures!

Images via: Daily Mail

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