It took nearly 2,000 hours to create the highly-detailed town of Yumville. The family of hamsters that now reside there are some of the luckiest hamsters alive. The miniature town has everything a hamster could ever want, from a book store to cozy apartments with well-stocked kitchens.

“The idea was to use this small town – named Yumville – for the big cause of advertising one of the leading food product companies, with making their products seem lovely for families as these hamsters do,” the creators wrote on Bored Panda. “So, we created the whole town with 1325 tiny details during 1984 working hours.”

After the town was complete, they let a real family of hamsters move in while they filmed 9 episodes of an online series, aka a hamster reality show, called The Hungry Hungry Hamsters.

Welcome to Yumville

A lovely place to call home if you're a cute lil hamster

A typical hamster’s living room in Yumville

Hamsters love their little kitchens

And bathrooms too!

This is Yumville’s bookshop, “’Eat, Read, Love’”

Who needs a fire when you have food?

“Sweet corn in sweet home”

Like any real town, Yumville isn’t always perfect

There’s the occasional winter storm

And hamsters are terrible about throwing their garbage away

On the bright side, there's a movie theater!

The leading female hamster in the online series sleeps in the bedroom below, complete with her special treadmill.

The leading male hamster in the series sleeps in the bedroom below “with constantly messy bed”

Watch the first episode of The Hungry Hungry Hamsters

Watch the making of The Hungry Hungry Hamsters

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