Everyone says the only way to lose weight is to change your diet and burn more calories than you take in. But what they often fail to mention is that it's not just how much you're eating, but what you're eating.

Whole foods leave your body feeling nourished and full for a long time, that’s because they provide your body with the necessary nutrients it craves when you feel hungry. On the other hand, processed foods leave you feeling hungry again in no time while providing your body with little to no nutrients.

Your body still absorbs fats, calories, sodium, and so forth from processed foods, but it's not getting the actual nutrients it needs. This results in overeating and ultimately obesity. Even if your body is getting some of the nutrients it needs from processed foods, the bad ingredients outweigh the good.

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Processed foods (aka fake foods) essentially do nothing other than make us sick and fat. Sadly, grocery stores are packed with processed foods, and many are packaged in deceitful ways that make them seem healthy. Don’t believe the lies. Always read ingredient labels to judge for yourself if something is healthy or not.

Cheese, hotdogs, hamburger patties, yogurt, and toast are ALL processed foods. In fact, most food sold at your local store is processed. That's what makes it so difficult to give up, processed foods are literally embedded into American culture.

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The Power of a Whole Foods Diet

If you want to lose weight and protect your health, it’s time to ditch the processed foods as much as possible.

The food industry does everything it can to trick us into buying unhealthy processed foods, but you don’t have to fall prey to their evil tricks.

Other than the fact it tastes good, there’s no other reason to put fake food in your body. Instead, focus on buying mostly fruits, veggies, and whole foods—nothing processed, colored, or loaded with ingredients you cannot pronounce.

Processed foods not only make you fat, they make you feel like crap. Switching to a whole foods diet will have you feeling better and more energetic in no time, plus your long-term health benefits too.

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