There's always the risk someone will steal from you, hurt you or even kill you… but that risk increases significantly if you live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

For a multitude of reasons, ranging to include high murder rates, gangs and corrupt police departments, the following cities are ranked among the most dangerous in the world.

1.Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas has some of the highest murder rates in the world, averaging 119.87 murders per every 100,000 residents. There are countless safety tips for tourists planning to travel to Caracas, including don't walk the streets at night and beware of people on motorbikes.

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2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

In 2014, San Pedro Sula's murder rates were an astonishing 171 deaths per 100,000 people. That's around 3 murders every single day. Drug trafficking, gangs, and illegal arms trafficking are just some of the many issues responsible for increased violence in the city.

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3. Acapulco, Mexico

This beautiful luxury destination has some incredibly high murder rates that occur just outside the gates of the waterfront hotels and retreats that populate the touristy parts of town. A hop and skip outside of paradise you'll find one of the roughest areas in the world, overrun by violence, drugs and a corrupt police force.


4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Despite the fact it's the mugging capital of the world, Rio De Janeiro remains a popular tourist destination. Murder rates have greatly decreased in recent years, but robberies and other street crimes have only increased. Between December 2013 and December 2014, the number of reported stolen cell phones increased by a wild 74.5%. While life without your mobile device sounds like a nightmare in hell, at least you'll likely walk away from a trip here with your life in tow.


5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa, and it's also the most violent. The crime rates here are higher than anywhere else in the country. Huge economic inequalities mark this beautiful city with crime, gang warfare, rape, murders, kidnappings and more.

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6. Mogadishu, Somalia

There is no government in Mogadishu, and as a result the streets are overpopulated by crime, violence, murder, bombings and extreme poverty.

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7. St. Louis, Missouri

Detroit was just recently the most dangerous city in the US, but recent murder rates put St. Louis in the top-notch position.


8. San Salvador, El Salvador

This tiny country located in Central America is very, very dangerous. In fact, during the first half of 2015, there were over 2,200 murders. Violent gangs such as MS-13 and the Barrio 18 have turned the streets into war zones where crime and murder are shockingly high.

Pictured below is the famous San Salvador Volcano located on the outskirts of San Salvador.


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