Modern world humans have evolved so far from our natural selves that we often think of ourselves separately from nature. In reality, we come from the same mystical and beautiful natural world responsible for creating trees, flowers and wild animals. In that sense, we are a part of the natural world in every single way.

TreeGirl, a passionate tree enthusiast, has spent the last 20-years photographing herself tangled up with some of the most amazing trees in the world. She doesn’t wear any clothes for these photo shoots, and not because she’s trying to be sexy or score a job at Playboy (thanks, but no thanks). Instead, she’s aiming to show that humans are every bit a part of nature. The results of her epic photos speak for themselves.

“As an arborist and artist, I research and travel to each of the trees, spending anywhere from a few minutes to hours naked in wild nature to create a great shot using a remote-control timer and a tripod.”

Fisheye Inside Holboom, African Baobab in Namibia

“The aim of my photographs, in which I am sometimes almost camouflaged, is to create beautiful images to remind us that we are nature.”

Birch Forest Embrace, White Birch in Alaska

“My work is an invitation for people to reconnect with nature as a healing resource amidst the madness of our civilized world.”

Sycomore River Fig, Sycomore Fig in South Africa

Cathedral Fig, Green Fig in Australia

Wanaka Willow, White Willow in New Zealand

Seven Sisters Sitting, African Baobab in Botswana

Monterey Cypress Wind, Monterey Cypress in New Zealand

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