On May 31st, Nutella plans to open its first-ever café in Chicago’s Millennium Park Plaza. Doors open at 10 am, and rumor has it, if you’re one of the first couple-hundred people in line you’ll receive “special surprises.”

According to Noah Szporn, the head of Marketing Nutella North America, “We wanted to create a world of Nutella for our fans that could truly capture the essence of the brand. Not just in the dishes that will be served, but in the full experience from the moment you step into the space.”

Ferrero, the massive Italian chocolatier behind Nutella and other candy brands, maintains ownership of the café. Around here, the fruit is always served with a side of Nutella—now that’s my kind of place. Time to uproot my life and move to Chicago!


We can’t stop drooling over the pre-released “teaser” menu. Nutella makes everything better so you can only imagine the wide variety of Nutella-topped foods chefs came up with. No need to imagine, you can see the menu below:

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