Just as people sometimes fall in love, they also sometimes fall out of love. It’s usually no one’s fault. The person who has fallen out of love simply comes to realize that his or her lover just isn’t a good fit. It happens.

Falling out of love can come with almost no warning. It’s almost always one-sided and, because of that, it can feel very unfair. The break-up process in these situations can often get drawn out and become extremely messy for the passive party. If you’re not feeling the love lately, read the six signs below to find out if your partner has fallen out of love with you.

1. They always have an excuse for avoiding you

If your partner finds suspicious ways to avoid being with you, then they probably don’t want to be with you. They’re either looking for someone else to be with or they’ve already found someone and don’t have the courage to break things off.

2. They have no interest in what happens in your life

This is a common sign that your partner is ready to move on. They have zero interest in hearing about what happens in your life. They couldn’t care less about what happened at work today, and they’ll either tell you that they don’t care or they won't seem interested.

3. They blame you for everything bad that happens in their life

Constant resentment is a huge red flag. If your partner suddenly blames you for every single bad thing that happens in their life, then they probably believe that you’re holding them back. And they’re choosing the most inappropriate way to express that feeling.

4. They feel as if they don’t need to explain their actions to you

When you partner decides they no longer want to be with you, they may feel like they don’t have to fill you in on their activities. They may go out until late at night with friends without telling you about it, and if you question them, they’ll act like you’re a constant nag.

5. They make plans for the future that don’t involve you

If your long-term partner’s dreams for the future don’t involve you by their side, then you should prepare yourself for the worst. Ask them where you fit in their plans and whether they are ready to compromise in order to accommodate your dreams. Never wait until it’s too late.

6. They make sex feel like a repetitive chore

Infrequent sex isn’t necessarily a sign that they’ve fallen out of love. That happens to many couples once the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship passes. But if sex starts to feel a weekly chore that’s only done because it’s required, then you should start worrying.

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