As a proud mom to two horses I spend a lot of time at the barn, and even I can say I’ve never really seen a horse from this angle. Even when you get underneath horses to clean their bellies, you don’t get to take in the whole underside quite like this.

I venture to bet you don’t have to be a horse-obsessed looney tune like me to appreciate the unique wow factor of these horse photos. The master behind the magic is talented photographer and animal-enthusiast Andrius Burba, and he calls his latest series Under-Horse.

Burba originally gained attention after publishing a similar series focused on cats, Under-Cats. The photo series went viral and Burba wanted to keep it going strong. He decided it was time to go big or go home, and there are few animals larger than a horse.

Burba writes, “I looked for different examples of what was done on the internet and after no similar results I decided that I have to do it and be the first person to shoot a standing horse from underneath.”


Andrius Burba

Albeit awesome, photographing horses from underneath presented a number of unique challenges.

“As I started to organise the photoshoot of a horse, I knew that all I needed is to get 600 kg horse on a glass, dig 3 meters into the ground, put my camera under a big glass and take a shot.”


Andrius Burba

“Even though it was the same concept as project ‘Under-Cats’ it took two months to organise it all.”


Andrius Burba

“I have found horse-friendly environment and even made rubber horse shoes, to save the glass from scratching.”


Andrius Burba

Burba writes on Facebook, “For now the latest project is "Under-Horse", but in the future we are aiming to make a photoshoot with even more exotic animals like tigers.”


Andrius Burba


Andrius Burba


Andrius Burba


Andrius Burba

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