Many soon-to-be parents can get a sneak peek of their baby with an ultrasound, and because of how common ultrasound photographs are now, you’ve probably seen the inside of a pregnant human belly before. But what do other species look like when they’re pregnant?

This collection of incredible X-rays gives a rare peek inside the pregnant bellies of other animals and really highlights how different we are. Whether bearing litters or laying eggs, the miracle of life remains fascinating.

The female turtle, for example, can hold sperm for up to three years to use on different clutches of eggs. And some snakes—like the female copperhead pictured below—can bear litters of up to ten baby snakes instead of laying eggs. Take a look at the x-rays to see how different pregnancy is among other species.

1. Francois Langur Monkey

Image via Taronga Zoo

2. Turtle

3. Snake

4. Dog

5. Cat

6. Kiwi

Image via

7. Raccoon

Image via Tumblr

8. Chinchilla

Image via

9. Guinea Pig

Image via Twitter

10. Muntjac Deer

Image via Twitter

11. Bat

12. Tree Skink

Image via

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