There are few better things than jumping into a hot tub and soothing sore muscles while relaxing in those perfectly warm waters.

While humans are usually the only ones to enjoy them, apparently canines enjoy a good soak too, at least this one anyway.

This adorable Puggle who goes by the Cuzzie, knows just what to do when he gets in. His owner Danny Sam explains, “Cuzzie loves the jet in the hot tub against his back. He will hop in and press against the jet and croon his pleasure.”

And don't worry, he doesn't stay in too long, usually only about 5 minutes or so. Danny also says that if you're concerned about the red stain on his neck, it's just dye from the collar.

We do have to wonder about all that dog hair in the hot tub, but hey, our four-legged best friends deserve to enjoy some of life's great pleasures too. And, Cuzzie had quite a rough start in life, nearly being put down before Danny stepped into save him.

Now he's healthy, happy and obviously has a family that loves him very much - enough to let him jump in and out of the hot tub whenever he pleases.

Watch Cuzzie in the fun clip below - the look of joy on his face is pure joy.

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