Photographer Brian Dowling has spent the past three years photographing redheaded women around the world for his project "Redhead Beauty."

He normally works as an entertainment photographer but decided to take a year off to work on the project in an effort to raise awareness of bullying.

Being different than the rest, many if not most redheads experienced at least some bullying while growing up. Of course, the joke is on the perpetrator, because often, those very redheads grow up to be absolutely stunning, as one can easily see from Dowling's images.

I found a #mermaid. 🐬

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"This project was done without make up artists, special lighting, and excessive Photoshop. I wanted it to be obvious these photos are real reflections of the model and for people to end their stereotypes of redheads.

'Many of the traits redheads are made fun of - ginger hair, freckles and pale skin - are the same traits that make them beautiful," Dowling explained.

@ely_red and her Italian smile at #Redheaddays in #Breda. 🇮🇹🇳🇱

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"Redheads from around the world have written to tell me how my photographs have helped improve their self-confidence. They've come to my Instagram page to share their stories and seek advice on bullying.

"Many non-redheads have told me how this campaign has changed their perception of people with red hair."

"Redhead bullying is a REAL issue as I was even bullied for numerous year in school just for dating a redhead," Dowling added. "Your pledge or book order will allow me to continue my photography project and to keep spreading positive vibes about people with red hair."

With @graciemur on the #Irish coast. #howth #iphone #irishgirl #dublin #ireland #ginger

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To date, Dowling's project on Kickstarter, which began aptly on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, has garnered a little over $5,000 of its $18,000 goal, with 26 days still to go before it ends.

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