If a group of animals started a band and released an album, they could only hope to look as cool as these rockstars! From birds to cows and everything in between, these animals sure know how to look cool. You can’t help but laugh imagining these adorable animals are posing for their album cover, because obviously they are.


New Mixtape Coming Soon.. w/ @weirdbeardthecat #gopro

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2. MOOOve over! These cows about to drop this year's hottest indie rock album

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3. The Grungy Gals

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5. Birds in da Hood

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Plaid harder than us ✌🏻️ #plaidharderthanus

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7. 4 Ducks Down

8. Not to be confused with Three Chicks From Alaska

We know who their lead singer is!

Yva Momatiuk and John E. via EarthPrints



Keepin it classy at 12,000 feet. Photo: @hunter_lawrence

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11. The Doggone Do Gooders

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