Van life is all the rage lately as more people discover the benefits of living out of a mobile home with the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime. If all the couples enjoying the van life are any indication, van dwelling is quickly becoming the new “suburban home with a white picket fence.”

Jeremy Mahall is one of those people who caught the van-life bug. He bought a vintage RV and hit the road looking for adventure, only to realize that the fees he had to pay to park his RV was kind of like paying rent for an apartment.


After noticing that a lot of van dwellers were dealing with the same problem and using sites like Craigslist to find property owners who don’t charge high parking fees, he decided to create an online community where van dwellers and property owners can connect—that’s how Bring Your Own Bed & Breakfast (BYOBNB) was born.

BYOBNB is a free service that lets van dwellers in the U.S. find people interested in renting their unused plots of land, vacant driveways, or private parking lots. It gives property owners a chance to make some extra cash and mobile-home owners a safe and secure spot to park their van.


Van dwellers should keep in mind that most renters won’t provide hookups to electricity, water or other utilities. If you use BYOBNB, make sure to ask the renter if they can provide you with any additional features you need for an extra cost. Otherwise your van should be self-sustainable or you’re gonna have a bad time.

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