Nature photographer Vadim Trunov was in the right place at the right time when he caught these two squirrels having the cutest tiff over a bunch of pine cones.

It’s winter and the forests outside the Russian city of Voronezh where Trunov is based are covered in snow. Food is in short supply and the squirrels must stock up to survive the winter months.

With that mind, the dramatic reaction these two are having over a pine cone makes perfect sense, but it doesn’t make their interaction any less cute!

Trunov told Daily Mail that he deliberately placed the coveted pine cone in a clearing to draw out squirrels. After one squirrel stepped out of the woods to claim the prize, a jealous one showed up and attempted to steal it. The original squirrel had no intention of letting the pine cone go without a fight, and that’s when Trunov captured these images.

After a fierce showdown, the original squirrel eventually triumphed over its opponent and got to enjoy the goods.

The squirrels later appear to have made peace. They look like they’re taking pictures of each other.

Building miniature snowmen is clearly a favorite squirrel pass time.

Image source: Daily Mail

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