Tired of working a meaningless job in a boring town? A lot of people feel bogged down by their career and yearn for a job with meaning. Being able to travel to exciting new locations at the same time without having to emigrate is also a plus.

That was exactly what Karoli Hindriks wanted after working in the television industry for many years. She wanted to travel to exciting places but couldn’t imagine doing it without working at the same time.

[Karoli Hindriks via Huffington Post]

Karoli was lucky enough to get her wish. In 2014, she left her home in Estonia to spend a thrilling six months in the U.S. helping a startup prepare for its launch. It was such a great experience that she decided to find a way for everyone to enjoy a similar opportunity—and so Jobbatical was born.

Jobbatical—a neologism combining the words “job” and “sabbatical”—is an online job platform that’s like an “international dating service for job seekers,” says Karoli. It offers hundreds of short-term jobs in 40 countries, including Brazil, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, and Estonia, to people who want to visit new locations and work at the same time.

Many of the jobs are offered by companies that have a hard time finding qualified employees, or startups that can’t afford to hire experts for the long-term, but want the benefits of having an expert on their team for a few months.

Jobbatical is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a break from their nine-to-five job. It can help you become a programmer in New Zealand, or a community manager in India, or a fashion designer in Spain—your skills are the only limit. Contracts are flexible and can last from three months to a year.

It may sound too good to be true, but according to Tech Crunch, Jobbatical was used by 1,200 companies across 40 countries in its first year, resulting in more than 7,000 job applicants and over 300 successful matches. The startup’s success has helped it raise a $2 million funding round in 2016.

If your feet are itching for new experiences, Jobbatical could be a way for you to plan your great escape. You can see what jobs are currently available here.

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