Meet Qizai, The World's Only BROWN Panda

Meet Qizai, the only brown panda bear in the world.

Qizai had a rough childhood: he was abandoned by his mom in the Qinling Mountains when he was just two months old, and was constantly bullied by his panda playmates because he looks “different.”

But things are looking up for Qizai who’s now seven years old and living the good life at Foping Panda Valley in Shaanxi province, China, where he’s celebrated for his uniqueness.

The cause of his unusual color is a mystery. There have only been five recorded sightings of brown pandas in the past 30 years and all of them where in the Qinling Mountains. Scientists think his genes are responsible, but his parents were black-and-white pandas. His keepers are planning to find him a mate with the hopes that his offspring will reveal more about his genetics.

Qizai’s keeper, He Xin, told Daily Mail that Qizai is a bit “slower than the other pandas, but he is also cuter.” He takes longer to react to his name and also eats more slowly.

He’s kept in his own special enclosure because the other pandas like to bully him and steal his food. His keeper spends 16 hours each day taking care of him and making sure he eats properly. Qizai consumes around 44lbs of bamboo a day in addition to Chinese flour buns and milk!

Even if he’s a little slow, he’s still perhaps the cutest panda ever!

Images via: Daily Mail

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