The owners of a Toronto convenience store wondered for over 5 years who was stealing chocolates and other goodies directly off of their shelves… turns out it was a bunch of sneaky squirrels. It wasn’t easy to catch the convicts in the act. In fact the shop owner’s daughter, Cindy Kim, said squirrels are even harder to catch than a human would be.

Cindy thinks it all began when her father started feeding the birds outside of the family shop. He would also leave seeds for the neighborhood squirrels. Cindy told The Dodo, “I suppose they [got] used to coming to our store for food. But those seeds don’t last forever. So I think they started robbing us.”

Squirrel Steals Chocolate Facebook page

Customers, friends and the shop owners have all tried catching the sticky-fingered squirrels, but the task is proving pretty difficult. By the time someone spots what’s going on, the squirrel is already half way down the road with a Crunchie Caper tucked under its arm.

“Gotta admit, though—the squirrel has good taste. Kinder Bueno… is seriously good,” said Kim, adding that they also really enjoy Crunchie Capers.

The family remains unsure how to kindly handle the issue, but for now these sneaky squirrels are going viral. Full videos of the squirrels in action are posted on the Squirrel Steals Chocolate Facebook page.

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