There’s no shortage of travel websites that can help you plan your holiday, but how many of them have a “surprise” option for when you feel like taking a mystery vacation? If you want a real adventure, you know, a vacation without all the tedious booking and itinerary creation, then Jubel is the solution.

Jubel can take you a whirlwind tour across the globe with one catch: you don’t get to decide where you go. It creates personalized adventures based on your chosen “path” and to really turn your trip into a unique experience, it’ll deliver letters at different points in your journey with instructions on where you should go next.

How does it work?

Image via Jubel

There are six available paths: Culturist, Party Purist, Oceanist, Active Nature, Chilled Nature, or Jubeler. The Jubeler path is a combination of all the other categories in case you want to enjoy a bit of everything. Once you‘ve chosen your path, they’ll send you a survey. Here you can give them information on locations you would love to go to and places you want to avoid. You can also let them know your preferred type of accommodation and mode of transportation.

When Jubel has all the information they need, they’ll call you for a quick phone conversation after which they’ll send you two proposals with vague descriptions of the itineraries they’ve created for you. You pick the proposal you like best and pay a deposit.

A few weeks before your trip, the company sends the “Jubel Pack,” which contains your flight and hotel information. When you reach your secret travel destination, Jubel continues to send you a series of sealed envelopes with information on your next holiday activity. It’s basically like The Amazing Race but without any of the frustration, anger, and name-calling.

Sounds perfect. How much?

Image via Jubel

You’re probably thinking this can’t be cheap. And you’re right—it’s not. Jubel reportedly takes between “10 to 15 percent of base costs.” It all depends on how much effort is used to craft your experience.

If you don’t mind giving someone 15% of your travel money to sort out the little details for you, then what’s the harm? Jubel will only finalize bookings once you’re happy with your proposal and the price, which includes transport, flights, and accommodation. And in case you’re wondering, no, you won’t get your money back if you don’t like your destination.

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