Do you consider yourself to be a good speller?

According to an article in the Washington Times, many Americans struggle when it comes to spelling - and they're often embarrassed by it - in fact, the word embarrassed itself is one of the most common misspelled words.

According to one study by the London-based Spelling Society, 62 percent of the nation can’t spell that word correctly, along with liaison, which is botched by 61 percent, and millennium, misspelled by 52 percent.

While women tend to be better spellers than men, researchers say both sexes struggle with the configurations of such words like accommodation, separate, definitely and accidentally.

78 percent of men misspelled the word "occasion" and more than half of women couldn't get the word "liaison" right.

If you think you'd ace a spell check exam regardless of what some study says, try it now - and if you can manage passing, be sure show off your results!

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