China is known for its extreme attractions, and it seems that the country has truly outdone itself with this one, with the world's longest floating pathway.

Opened on New Year's Day to a flurry of fireworks, it stretches an incredible 31 miles, more than twice the length of Manhattan, breaking a Guinness World Record.

In the first week, it's already attracted more than 60,000 tourists.

China Xinhua News reported that the massive structure was built to rise and fall with the fluctuating water levels.

It's supported by over 20,000 floating objects, including a huge cartoon duck, which are anchored to the bed of the river.

The walkway serves as a vast entertainment center, allowing visitors to enjoy water sports and a variety of entertainment displays during the day, and at night, the entire thing is transformed into a brilliant light parade.

Another destination for the bucket list?

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